Trieste gas and water networks maintenance

Service network maintenance

Our expertise in mechanical construction and road maintenance, equips us both install and repair distribution networks of basic services such as gas, water, sewerage, electrical conduits, etc.

We provide maintenance or improvement services for these networks across the Trieste area and also in the neighbouring province of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
These specific skills, coupled with our workers’ proven earthworks expertise means we can offer an all-round maintenance service.

Our experts carry out inspections, and provide estimates and planning for each job, including even highly complex requirements.
For further information contact TDA headquarters in Trieste at the address provided.
excavations and earthworks Trieste


Our network maintenance services include: 

  • leak  detection excavations
  • mechanical refurbishment of existing pipework
  • laying new lines/pipes (trunking, by-passing, connections, etc.)
  • end-of-works seal monitoring and testing 
  • subsequent relaying and refurbishment of road surfaces.