Road construction and maintenance

Road construction is a sector in which TDA is highly specialised. 
Tasks undertaken in this area require different approaches depending on the requirements. We both plan and execute projects, and on time and in complete safety.

Road construction projects undertaken in Trieste province include local, timely works both on urban and rural roads, up to large-scale projects over extensive areas of the territory and of the road networks. 

For full information on road building projects we can handle, for costs and estimates – including site inspections, contact TDA’s Trieste office. 
Staff expert in the requirements of road construction are available to answer any questions you may have. 
road resurfacing Trieste

removal, resurfacing, paving

The principal types of road maintenance and construction tasks that we handle are:

  • removal and resurfacing of pavements

  • paving of pedestrian areas

  • rendering public spaces pedestrian-friendly

  • removal of architectural barriers

  • securing road junctions

  • architectural barriers.

barriere architettoniche

The company is able to carry out work to remove architectural barriers present on pavements, in buildings, and those blocking gates and entrances of all kinds.

The resourcefulness and skills present in TDA are a great resource for the Trieste area, helping to make our urban spaces better and safer places to live.