construction company Trieste

Who we are

Established on 24 October 2011, TDA is a construction company operating in Trieste and the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
Although the company was established quite recently the founding directors have a great deal of experience, with skills in the management of building sites and managing construction teams gained during more than 15 years in the construction sector.

In recent years, the working group has expanded into two different ways: on the building construction side the company has continued to employ trained and experienced people, while in the field of building site management we have purposefully taken on many young engineers. They work alongside their experienced colleagues who are passing on to them their decades of knowledge of the construction industry.

What we do

Specialisation in many fields, flexibility, enhanced technical skills and versatility are the cornerstones on which TDA has been built.
Qualities that enable us to remain competitive compared with other companies operating in the construction sector throughout the Trieste, Friuli and Veneto areas.
Our highly professional team and the dynamism of the organisation mean we can take on complex and demanding projects, involving a wide range of different requirements. We are well-placed to handle:

  • earth works
  • mechanical jobs
  • road construction
  • utility network maintenance tasks
  • building work and finishing buildings 

TDA works for many different clients, from the public sector to private companies, as well as local authority organisations and service companies.